Year 2

3 - Manny encourages a strike and gets himself strip searched.

Enter the "The blue Casket" and cross the saloon.

Outside the kitchen door Lola is waiting with a camera. She knows that Olivia Maximino's girlfriend has a date with Nick, Maximino's lawyer. She hopes getting a compromising picture because she wants Maximino to herself.

Nick and Olivia comes out and are very indiscreet.

Lola gets her picture and runs away.

Nick sees it and gets angry

Talk to Olivia.
You can ask her to perform if you want to. She loves it.

Enter the kitchen when you have heard enough.
You can see the waiter pouring leftover drinks in the sink. Then he fills the bottles again and takes it to the guests.
Follow him and you can see how it effects the guests. Whaw! They just pass out. Could be useful having something like this.

Return to the kitchen and fill your turkey baster from the sink.
Then return to the saloon and talk to the boys in the right corner.
Talk to them until they mention Salvados Limones.
Then show them your letters from Sal. They honor you as a real hero.
Look at the book at the table and ask to have it. They agree and you can take the book.

Return to the "Calavera Cafe" and talk to Lupé. Lola has left you a message. It takes Lupé a while to find it but now the envelope is empty. Lupé is sure there was a key before. Perhaps somebody else has been here taking the key. You get worried. Lola could be in danger. Where can she be hiding?
Take the lift down to "The Blue Casket". Don't enter, instead exit to the left of the screen.

In the distance you can see some "Seabees" talking.
Go there and talk to them. Give them the revolutionary book and they decide to start striking.
In the middle of it all Police Chief Bogan arrives and arrests their leader, Terry.

Go to the lift and then down the stairs. The Jail is at the upper floor in the big house. Enter and you'll find Terry there. Talk to him. Terry wants you to find him a good lawyer.
Take a look at the papers at the wall. A suitcase marked H.L. is missing. H.L. could mean Hector LeMans. Could it be the suitcase you found. But there were no Initials on that one.

You know you have to help Terry find a lawyer. Go find Nick. He is a very clever lawyer. You'll find him in the saloon at "High Rollers Lounge".
Talk to him. He tries to take a cigarette but drops his cigarette case. Out fells a key. He puts it back. There are evidently more than one compartment in the case.

He refuses to helm you. Try a little blackmail. He wants to talk to Maximino and leaves the table.
Look at the cigarette case that he forgot. Something is inside but you can't open the case.

Exit the saloon and go to the hall with the betting window.

Climb the next stairs too, and you come to the Zeppelin's Security Deck.
Carla is on duty. Stand in front of her and show her the cigarette case.
She asks you where you found it.
Tell her you found it under her table.

She thinks it is a bomb and puts it in the detonator.
After the explosion she shows you what is left.
Look through it and take the key.
Carla has a portable metal detector that you want to get hold of.

Put yourself close to the security entrance.
Get your Gold Liquor and take a sip.
Hurry into the security entrance before you burp.
The bell rings and the lights go red.

Carla searches you with her portable metal detector. She finds you are not clean and has to strip search you in her room.
Afterwards she is talking to you. Whatever she says, ask about her metal detector. At last she gets very angry and throws it out the window.

Look out. She has thrown it into the cat litter room.
Go to that room and out on the metal bridge,
Get your scythe and swing it at different places until you find the detector.
Leave the area and go to the lighthouse, Take the left gangway at the crossing.

Till föregående sida. Till nästa sida. The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Grim Fandango from LukasArts Entertainment
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company