Year 2

2 - Glottis empties a barrel and Manny gets a union-card.

Continue forward. The bridge is up. Pull the lever to bring it down and pass it.

Continue through the arcade and climb the stairs.

Pass the stairs and enter the corridor to the right.
There is a display case with a big cat inside. Look at it and read the sign. You get some clues.
Then enter the open door at the right.mThere are some big cans with kitten-food.
On the first one you find a can-opener. Look at it and get it.

Return to the hall and go upstairs.
Go to the bottom of the screen and look at the betting-window.

Then enter the corridor to the right of the stairs where you came up.

Enter the lift and go up.
You can see Glottis drinking on the balcony.
Exit to the right of the screen and you come to a room with a solid gold statue of a cat.
Enter through the arched door to the left of the cat.

You are in Maximino's room. Talk to him. You learn that Olivia is his girlfriend. You also learn that Glottis has given his part in your firm as collateral and is given unlimited credit. Also talk to him about Charlie's Money.
Then exit and return to the hall. The door is to the right of Maximino's door but is hidden by the big cat. In the hall enter the arched door.

You are in the kitchen.
Walk to the right of the screen.
A workman is standing, sleeping beside a lift. Press the button. The lift doesn't come, but the workman wakes up. Talk to him. Evidently only the workers and the wine cango down. That gives you an idea,
A waiter comes and goes into the pantry.

Hurry there and lock the doors.

Get your scythe and block the door.

Look around. At a table you can see a turkey baster. Pick it up.

On the balcony Glottis wants more wine but as no waiter comes he goes into the kitchen to serve himself.

He takes the wine-barrel and empties it.

Climb the ladder. Use the can-opener to open the empty barrel. Jump into the barrel.

Glottis is thirsty again and returns to the kitchen, No wine this time. Perhaps in the pantry.

He open the pantry but only finds the waiter.

He tells the waiter to get him more wine.

The waiter calls for a worker, who takes the barrel, with Manny inside, down the lift to the wine-cellar.

When he is gone Manny pops out.
On the floor there is a forklift.
Climb it and drive towards the lift-doors.

The doors open and you can drive into the lift.

Park the forklift as far to the right as possible.
Then jump down and press the button on the right wall.
Quickly climb the forklift again.

Start driving forwards. Keep the up-arrow down.

When the lift comes to an opening the fork is driven out and the lift is blocked.
Jump down, go to the other side of the forklift and pull the lever.
A secret room is opened and you can enter.

There is the suitcase. Open it. No money but a lot of tickets to the luxury train. This suitcase must belong to a more important man than Charlie. Take the suitcase. You exit the room but is stopped in the corridor by Charlie, pointing a gun at you and demanding to have the suitcase. You have to agree, but in any case he gives you a union-card. Your first mission is accomplished.

When you come to the hall with the betting-window take the stairs in the top center of the screen.
In the next hall go straight to the left of the screen.

Follow the bridge under the big Zeppelin to the far end.
Then turn left and exit the screen.

On the next screen go to the far left. There turn to the right.

Pass the big house with the Jail and the Morgue. Go to the left, climb all the stairs and you'll come to the lift.
Take it and go down to "The Blue Casket".

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