Year 2

4-Lola leaves a clue and Manny goes to a tattoo-saloon

Pass the striking Seabees and go to the Lighthouse.
Use the key and open the door.
On the balcony you find Lola sprouted. She is nearly overgrown.
She won't tell you where to find the photo.

When she is all gone you find a card at the ground.
Look at it. It reads: "22 Lengua".
It could be one of Lupé's register cards. Lola did leave a note for you, remember.
Go and talk to Lupé. She recognizes the card and gives you Lola's coat.

Search the coat. You find a card in a pocket. It reads "36 The Rusty Anchor".
Lupé can't help you.
Go to the folding bridge near "High Roller Lounge" but don't pass it. Instead exit to the right of the screen. At the far right on the next screen take the stairs down.

Continue to the big barrel. Climb it and enter the hole.
You are in "Toto's Tattoo Parlor". Try to show Toto the card. He won't listen to you. He is giving Naranja a Tattoo. To relieve the pain, Naranja drinks from a bottle. Toto says it is strong. You want to prevent Naranja from getting to the boat in time. This gives you an idea.

Try to take the bottle. You can't. You must distract Toto first.
Pass in front of the men and go to the left of the screen.
There you find a big fridge. Open it and then open the box at the bottom to keep the door open

Quickly run to the bottle and get your turkey baster before Toto starts talking. Fill the bottle with the knock-out-drops in the baster. (If Toto starts talking he closes the fridge door and you have to start all over again.)
Next time Naranja drinks he passes out.

Together you carry Naranja to the bed.
Toto exits to call Velasco.
Examine Naranja and you'll find his identity-tags.
Put them away, then go to Toto.

Now he listens to you.
Show him the card. He recognizes it. It is one of his motives. He opens a book to show you. There he finds a photo which he gives you.
This clue has to wait for a while. First you have to visit the morgue.

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