Year 2

1 - Mercedes sails with Domino and Manny gets things to arrange.

A year has passed and you have advanced from a floor-sweeper to the owner of a big casino, The Calavera Café".
You are standing at the balcony smoking when Lupé, an employee, comes telling that you have a visitor.
The visitor was obviously in a hurry, you can see her descending the stairs and vanish.

Enter through the door to the left and continue left into a big room.
You can see a letter on a desk. Pick it up and read it. It is from Sal. He has succeeded in rising a couple of messenger pigeons from your eggs.
Go down the stairs and talk to Lupé behind the counter.
Leave her when you have heard enough and exit through the door.

Take time to read all the letters from Sal. Press 0 to get into your pocket, then toggle to letters and press 5 to read them. Continue pressing 5 until you have read them all.
You learn that the top villain is Hector LeMans and you must beware of him. It is known that you are in Rubicava and Sal advises you to leave as soon as possible. Sal also tells you about the pigeons. One is very clever and can find a person if you show him a photo.

Continue down the stairs and walk towards the place where you saw the woman vanish.

You dimly see a figure at the fence.

Go there. She talks to you.
It is Meche's voice.
She asks you why you deserted her.

But what is this. It isn't Meche.
It's an ugly, screaming bird.

Manny rushes to the tube and follows the flight of the bird.
He flies towards the boat.

At the gangway you can see Meche and Don boarding the boat.
Does he force her or is she coming voluntarily?

The boat leaves the quay.

Manny runs down and grips the gangway.
When he tries to get aboard he sees Meche in the doorway.

Instead of helping him she throws a bottle at him.
What a faithless girl.

The bottle hits Manny and he falls into the sea. Luckily Velasco is in the vicinity to rescue him once more.
Talk to Velasco. Try to be allowed to go with his boat, Limbo, that is due to sail next morning.
There is only one vacant job as mechanic and that would only suit Glottis.

To allow you to come you must accomplish three trials. You must get Glottis some proper tools, you must get yourself a unity-card and you must prevent Naranja, a seaman, coming back to the boat in time.

You have better start at once.

Leave Velasco and exit to the left at the screen.
At the crossing take the upper right gangway.

You reach "The Blue Casket".
Enter the lift at the left and you'll be taken upwards.

Take the stairs to the left of the screen.

Follow the arrow and climb the stairs to "The Calavera Café".

Enter and continue to the left and you'll get to the bar.

The last bit you elegantly slide on the bannister.
In the bar Glottis is playing the piano.
Talk to him and tell him about Dom and Meche. Also say you're leaving town to follow them. Glottis rather wants to stay where he is.

Go behind the counter and take the golden liquor.
Enter the door to the left and you'll find yourself in the Casino.
A man is sitting alone in a booth. It is Chowchilla Charley.
Go there and talk to him.

Ask about counterfeiting. He shows you a small device that can print false betting stubs. You pick it up.
Charley promises to get you a union-card if you can retrieve a suitcase full of money that a man named Maximo has stolen from him. Charlie tells you that the suitcase can be found somewhere in the wine-cellar of "High Rollers Lounge". You also get a VIP-card to get in there.

Return to the bar and talk to Glottis.
Give him the VIP-card.

He rushes down to "High Rollers Lounge".

Follow him. Go down with the lift and at the crossing take the lower right gangway.

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