Year 1

5 - Manny is attacked by beavers and gets a new job.

Open the door and enter. Don't mind Glottis's warnings.
No nice beavers at all and you can't use the fire extinguisher on them either.

Better quickly withdraw.

Go out again, but only to the beginning of the bridge. It is built from human bones.
You get an idea. Maybe you could make the beavers leave by throwing some bones into the pond. Pick up three bones. Then walk to the left of the screen to reach the dam.

Throw a bone into the pond.

Quickly grab the fire extinguisher. Just when the beaver jumps into the pond use the extinguisher on it and it will vanish.
Do the same with the other two beavers. When they have all vanished go back through the door and open the padlock with your key.

Glottis will help you.

You drive the Bone Wagon over the bridge and all the way to Rubicava where you stop in front of a big house.

Climb all the stairs and enter the house.
A man is sweeping the floor. It is your old customer Flores.
He hasn't seen Mercedes but he tells you he is waiting for his wife to turn up.

Promise to help him and he gives you a photo of his wife.

Take the steps down again and then go to the right of the screen into the fog.
The road ends and you fall into the See of Lament.
Luckily you are rescued by Port manager Velasco who is used to nutty tourists.
He throws you to the pavement and leaves.

Follow him down the stairs and talk to him.

Neither he, has seen Mercedes.

Show him the photo of Flores's wife.

Velasco has seen her. She left two weeks ago with another man. He gives you a log book as evidence.

Go back to Flores and show him the logbook.

He gets mad, throws his broom away and leaves in order to find his wife.

You get his job.

Year 1 ends with a cut scene

To the previous page To the next page. The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Grim Fandango from LukasArts Entertainment
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company