Year 1

4 - Manny finds Glottis's heart at the spiders and the car gets pogo sticks.

The ladder leads to the petrified forest.
Climb down and walk out at the bottom of the screen.

There you find Glottis crying because he has been sacked.

It doesn't help telling him that the same thing has happened to you.
He is so desperate that he rips his heart out and throws it into the forest. Notice the direction in which he throws it.

In a cut scene you can see some big spiders taking the heart to their web.

Follow the spiders to the net. Go behind it and try to take the heart, You can't.
Try to rip the net with your scythe. A big spider comes threatening you.

You can see some bones on the floor. Take as many as you can.
Throw a bone into the net. It gets stuck but the net doesn't break.

Use the scythe once more on the net. It gets stuck in the bone and the whole thing works as a big catapult.
Glottis's heart is thrown away. Return to Glottis.
There is the heart, still beating. Pick it up.

Go to Glottis and put the heart back into him. He wakes up and seems unharmed.

In the meantime something is happening at the office.
Hector LeMans, the head villain, has come to tell them to find Mercedes. Domino blames Manny and his boss Don. Hector draws a pistol and shoots Don.

You can't kill a an already dead person. His pistol is a "sprouter". Immediately flowers start sprouting from Don's body and quickly he is totally overgrown.
LeMans tells Dom to find Manny and bring him to the office.
In the forest Glottis and Manny climb their vehicle.
Drive out to the right of the screen and you come to some sort of factory.

Glottis is coming with a wheelbarrow that he wants to transform into a go-cart.
Look at the funny tree. Four pumps are working one at a time. Go and take the wheelbarrow. Move it across the hoses and notice how it changes the way the four pumps move.

Move it on and off the two rightmost hoses until the both pumps on the right side works simultaneously. Then do the same with the two leftmost hoses. The funny tree starts shaking.
Go to the panel and pull the lever.
Glottis start climbing up the tree to get the parts he needs.

Go and pull the lever upwards. Glottis starts going round in a circle and at last he falls to the ground. At the same time he take some parts with him.

Glottis marvels. Now he can put pogo-sticks on his car and make it pass over all the stones that it didn't manage before.

Glottis start rebuilding the car and is very pleased with the result. You both get into the car and drive bake to the place where you first found Glottis.

There is a road sign. Get down from the car and pick it up. (If you don't manage it the first time, try again.) Walk a little bit and then put the sign down into the ground.

The sign starts rotating. When it stops notice the direction in which it points. Pick up the sign and walk in that direction (NW on the screen).
You come into a big clearing with many exits. Try some of them. You just get back to the same place.
Put down the sign near the middle. Walk a little bit in the showed direction and then put the sign down again.

Continue like this until the ground starts shaking and the sign points downward.
An opening appears in the ground.
Walk back to Glottis. Jump into the car and drive towards the clearing.

Drive down into the opening.
You come to a stony place with a tall sign. Look at the sign to read it. It is about a key. There is a tall pillow in front of the sign. Look at it. There is a key. Take it.

Drive along. The pogo-sticks enables the car to pass.

After a while you reach a fence.

Jump down from the car and walk towards the fence.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company