Year 1

3 - Manny joins LSA and his first mission is to find some pidgeon eggs.

Take a look around. The only interesting thing is a tooth-filling machine on the table.
Go to the door and knock.

The guard comes to the window. Talk to him and tell that you think the firm is a crooking one, and that you can prove it.
The guard, Salvados Limones, is the leader of Lost Souls Alliance, an organization fighting for the rights of the souls in town. He takes you to his headquarters. You can see he calls for the lift trough a microphone in the wall.

Down there you are told about the Alliance. The only way for you to get out from here is evidently to join as an agent. Your first mission is to find new messengers. It is a dangerous job and can only be done by messenger pigeons but they have to be trained from birth. You must find som pigeon eggs.
Before you leave talk to the girl.

She turns out to be Eva, the boss's secretary. She is also an agent in LSA.

Exit and climb the rope again. You can't reach the roof, because the ledge is broken. Turn around the corner and try to find an open window.

The first two are closet but you can open the last one.
Enter it.

You are in Domino's room. Now you are free to look around.
Check the drawers. Take the green hook.

Try his punching bag a couple of times. Something falls to the floor. Take it.
It is Dominos mouthpiece. Not very nice but pocket it anyway.
Go back to the broken ledge. Look at the short end of the rope, then pick it up.

Without putting it away, pull out the green hook. Use it and you tie it to the rope.

First pick up the rope and hook again. Then press Enter to throw it.

It gets caught in the ladder on the wall, at the other end of the broken ledge.

Use the rope to climb it.

Then walk to the next ladder and climb it.

When you are on the roof you can see the pigeons at the other end of the roof.
Go towards them.

You can't, the pigeons attack. You must find a way to scare them away.

Climb down again and go to the market. Take some bread from the left stall and pocket it.

Then go to the man and ask him for a cat and you get one. Pocket the cat.

Return to the roof and the pigeons. There you can find a big bowl.
Get the cat and put it in the bowl. Then get the bread. Use it and you crumple it on top of the cat.
The pigeons come flying and start to pick up the crumbs. At the same time they make the balloon blow up. It scares them and they all fly away.

Go to the nest and take some eggs.

Then climb all the way down.

Announce your self in the wall-phone and the lift comes to take you to the LSA HQ.

Give Sal the eggs and ask permission to leave. Sal refuses. They must have access to your computer and your identification is your dental impression.
This gives you an idea.

Return to the workshop and use domino's mouthpiece in the tooth-filling machine.

Turn away from the machine and look at the mouthpiece.
Then use it and you'll get a perfect dental impression.

Return to Eva and give her the mouthpiece.
Now they are satisfied and you are granted permission to leave.

Sal comes too and tells you the whole story. Only a few persons, who have livd a very unimpeachable life are entitled to tickets to "Number 9", the luxury train. The DOD gives them a less attractive travel package and can sell the luxury tickets at a high prize to persons who can pay. Don and Domino are in the racket. That's why Domino always gets the fastest cars and the best clients. Sal doesn't know the name of the top boss but he is working on it and will let you know.

Sal advises you to go to Rubicava to try to find Mercedes. Everybody comes there because they must cross the See of Laments to get to the Ninth Underland

At last you reach a ladder leading upwards- Sal leaves you and you climb the ladder.

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