Year 1

2 - If you can't get your own customer, steal your competitor's.

Domino, your competitor, always gets good customers. Perhaps he can transfer one of them to you.
You find Domino's door open and enter. Domino is punching a bag. In his mouth there is a blue mouth piece. Talk to him, No favors from him, what did you expect.

Walk around the room looking and you'll get some clues. You can't open his drawers nor his computer. He has no post but you notice his tube is red in opposite to your green one.
Take a whiskey if you like. Don's treat

Take the lift down to the Lobby. A serviceman comes yelling, somebody has sent empty bottles through the system and blocked it.

This gives you an idea. Go where the man came from and enter through the open door.

You are in the Communications Room.

Look at the tubes.

The red one must be Domino's.

Go and look at the door.

Use the wheel. It doesn'r work.

Leave the room. You notice there is a fire extinguisher beside the door.

Leave the house through the front door and go to the left to the market.

It is The Day of the Dead and the festivities are in full swing. Talk to the man with the balloons. If you could get an empty balloon you could fill it and send it through the tube. Then the serviceman would come and you could try to get into the system. Ask for something. He has no empty balloons, but what with a dead worm. Right guess. You get what you wanted. Try it once more, and you get another one.

Return to the Office Building, turn left and enter the Packing Room.

Fill both balloons, one from the blue and the other from the red pump.

Take the lift up to your office and send both balloon through the tube.
As you thought they mad the whole system collapse.

Take the lift down. When you pass Eva she tells you the system is blocked.

When you get there the serviceman is already there repairing.

Look at everything to get clues.

Talk to the man about everything.

While he is talking his clothes catch fire. You run to the fire extinguisher trying to use it on the fire but he yells at you that is it dangerous. You pocket the fire extinguisher.
He doesn't want to talk anymore. Before you leave set the dead bolt so that you can enter the room when you come back.

On your way out you can see him taking away a card from the tube. Perhaps he had put it there to block the post coming through while he was working at it.

Wait outside until the serviceman has left. Then return. The door is still open, he did not notice the dead bolt.

Take a playing card and put it into the machine. It stops the mail just for a second then it is sucked in together with the mail. Bad luck. Perhaps you could diminish the pressure by punching some holes in the card. You saw earlier that Eva has a hole punching machine.
Take the lift up to Eva and use the card on the machine.
Then take the lift down again.

Put the punched card in the tube slot. This time it works. The post can't go through and you can read it. A new customer called Mercedes Colomar.
You automatically don your work clothes and go to Glottis. No car in, but he has a new fast motorcycle. He overtakes Domino and you are able to fetch Mercedes.
You take her to your office for an interview.

What a saint. This should be it. But someone must have fixed your system so that you can't sell the the most expensive travel packets. This must be looked into.

You just get to Eva before the boss comes running and orders you into his room.

You really get told out. Domino is smirking beside you and Mercedes has left.

It all ends with you being locked up in the hut in the garage..

To the previous page To the next page. The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Grim Fandango from LukasArts Entertainment
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company