The game is built on an old Mexican legend which tells us that The Land of the Dead was a real place where the souls had to travel for four years before they reached the Ninth World where they could build their final home. To help them they were buried with all things they could need, money, food, even pets. The legend also tells that in the Land of the Dead there was a lot of fun and festivities. The game writer has decided that there also was a lot of crime, evil and corruption.

The Star of the game, Manuel Calavera, usually called Manny is the one you shall lead through the game. He is not especially hard-boiled but his live has been anything but perfect and during his first year he must work off his depth by working as a travel-agent in the Department of Death. He must try to sell expensive travel packages to the souls from the Land of the Living but he always get very poor customers.

A good advice before you begin. Go to LukasArts Entertainment and get an upgrade to the game. Put it in the same folder as the game. Double-click the file and the game is upgraded. You'll have some bugs removed and you can get text to the cut scenes.

If you want help walking or handling things in the game press Navigating.

Year 1

1 - Manny goes to the Land of the Living to get a new customer.

Walk around and look at different things and you'll hear Manny commenting.
Just where you start the game is a red flag. Look at it. You evidently have some post. Take the letter and you'll get it read.

It's from your boss. There has been a mass-poisoning in the Land of the Living and everybody has to go there collecting clients.

bilder1-1Walk to the table at the door. Look at the books and then try to take one. As you notice you don't pick up things unless you need them.

Look at the Deck of Cards to the left. Take it and put it away.

Exit the room.

There is a door nearby. Check where it leads. It belongs to your competitor Domino Hurley but it is locked at the moment.
Continue forward to the boss's secretary Eva and talk to her about the poisoning.
She tells you to take a car and go to the Land of the Living.
Look at the hole-punching machine in front of Eva.

Then walk to the lift at the left. It opens automatically. Enter and you'll be taken to the garage. You'll see the last car departing.

Walk across the garage to a small hut in the upper left corner. (Press shift at the same time if you want to run there.)

The door is locked but if you knock at it Glottis will come out.
Talk to him. He tells you, that Domino has given your chauffeur permission to take the day off, to prevent you from going. Try to get Glottis as a chauffeur. You must tell him that he is not too big, the cars are too small.
He promises to do it, but only if you can get a signed work-order.

Return to the lift and it takes you up to Eva.

Get the work-order and give it to her. She call's the boss but he refuses. Try to enter his room. No luck. You have better try another approach. Take the other lift down to the lobby. Exit through the big door.

You are at the street. Walk down the steps and then to the left.

A bit further the festivities are in full swing. It has to wait, tough, you must try to get into Don's room first.

Enter the alley to the left and walk forward.

From a window hangs a rope made of old ties. The window could belong to Don's room.

Look at the rope, then take it and climb it.

The window is open. Walk carefully and enter the room.

Walk around and look and you'll get some clues. Look at the computer. Don has made his computer answer his intercom calls. Use the computer. You get a screen with different answers. Choose the last but one and click at it. The new answer gets checked. Exit through the window. Climb down the rope and return to Eva.

Get the work-order and give it to Eva. She calls the Boss. This time he asks her to sign it.

After that you automatically change to your work costume and go down to Glottis who takes you to the Land of the Living.

In the bar with the poisoned soup, only a big packet remains at the floor. Look at it, then get your scythe and cut the packet open.

A small skeleton pops out.

The rest of the episode is automatic.

Glottis drives you back and you try to sell a travel package to your new customer. Unfortunately he can only afford the cheapest one, and your boss bursts into your office yelling at you, and threatens to sack you, if you don't get a real good customer at once.
You've better find a way to get a rich customer before it is too late.

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