3 - In the Jungle

First marker - The Bird Rock

At last they can see land.
Happily they jump ashore kissing the earth and other things too.

Suddenly Miguel thinks that he recognizes the first marker from the map, the Bird Rock and tries to persuade Tulio that they are on their way to El Dorado..

Look at the sword and take it.
Walt to the Bird Rock and look at it. You see some vine growing there.

Climb the stone at the left side.
Use the sword with the vine.
Tulio comes and takes the vine. It will serve as a good rope.

The road is blocked by dense foliage. Use the sword to cut a hole in it. Enter.

The first thing you see is a poor little armadillo threatened by a big snake.
Miguel wants to help the creature.
Continue deeper into the jungle.

Second marker - The Raven

In the next clearing Miguel finds the second marker, the Raven. The opening between the big rocks throws an image of light on the ground. Now they both know they are on the right way, bur first Miguel wants to save the poor creature from the snake.

A piece of wood at the ground makes a sound when the wind blows through it.
Let Miguel pick it up and go back and use it on the snake.
It works and the snake vanishes. The poor whines gratefully, Tulio says it sounds like Bibo and so the creature has got a name.

Make Tulio tie the vine to Bibo.
Return to the clearing. Let Tulio look at the tree and then make Miguel look and bend the branch.
Now Make Tulio look at the tree and when it is active press enter and choose Bibo in the inventory. When you press Ctrl, Tulio will place Bibo at the branch.

Tulio tells Bibo he is taking a ride up in the air to the rock above. When he is there he has to tie the vine to a tree and then throw the other end down to Tulio.
Miguel lets go of the branch. Up goes Bibo and does as he is told.
Make Tulio look at the vine. Press Ctrl and he climbs it followed by Miguel.

Third marker - The Stepping-Stones

The tree in the middle has a dead branch. Make Tulio take it.

Exit to the right. You'll see a big pile of rocks.
Make Tulio look at them. He thinks they look unstable. Use the stick while the stones are active and Tulio will jam it in.

Tulio asks Miguel, who is the strongest one, to move the stick.

Make Miguel go and take a look at the stick. Press Ctrl and hi will jump onto the pile and move the stick.
There is a great rumbling and our heroes run away.
Make Tulio return to the river. The stone pile is gone and the stones are scattered in the river.

Put Tulio in front of the stones. Press Ctrl to make him jump. Press Ctrl once more to make him jump to the other side.
Walk forward towards the sea. There are some stepping-stones in the water, and turtles and big fishes are moving around.
Tulio must jump at the stones and the turtles to get to the other side.

Always make Tulio look at the stone or turtle he wants to jump to, before you press Ctrl. When Tulio is at the other side, Miguel has to take the trip. When he comes to the last stone he says it's too far for him to jump.
Let Tulio look at the stone at the shore and press Ctrl to make him throw it into the sea.
Now Miguel can do the last bit.

Tulio calls for Bibo and he easily makes it.
Exit to the left of the screen.

The Forth Marker - The Skull Cave

Enter the cave through the mouth.

Inside Miguel waits for Tulio to come. He can't open the door.
Pull the lever beside the entrance.
The door opens but so does the bridge and Miguel falls down and disappears with the current.

The animal maze

Enter through the door. Inside you find two doors one marked with a snake and the other with a bird. There is also a lever with the same markings.
If you pull the lever one door is opened and the other is closed.
This is a maze. You are supposed to find a lift somewhere.
There are different ways to pass through the maze. Here is one of them.

Pull the snake-fish lever and enter through the snake door.

Pull the owl- snake lever and enter through the owl door.

Pull the owl-bird lever and enter through the bird door.

Pull the snake-fish lever and enter through the snake door.

Exit through the fish door.
You'll find a lift there.

Enter the lift and press ctrl and you'll be taken upstairs.

Now Miguel wakes up in another room. Miguel now has to go through the maze in order to find the lift.

Here is one way.

Pull the fish-bird lever and enter through the fish door.

Pull the fish-snake lever and enter through the snake door.

Pull the owl-fish lever and enter through the owl door.

Pull the fish-bird lever and enter through the owl door.

Exit through the bird door and you are at the lift.

Press Ctrl to go upstairs.

The Skull platforms

Up there Miguel and Tulio meet again. In this passage they take control one after another through the inventory as before.
The trick is to take them both to the lower platform with the stairs.
Both skulls can be lowered and raised with the levers.

Let Tulio be the first to take control and put himself on the right skull.
Miguel takes control and pulls the lever to the left. Tulio goes down.
Tulio takes control and walks off the skull.
Miguel takes control and walks onto the left skull.
Tulio takes control and pulls the lever beside him, to make Miguel go down.

Tulio walks onto the right skull again.
Miguel takes control and pulls the lever to make Tulio go up.

Tulio takes control and walks over onto the left skull.
Miguel takes control and pulls the lever. Tulio goes down.

Let Miguel go downstairs and Tulio will follow.
Pull the lever on the wall to the right.
Go towards the light. Look bat the wall. There is a hole there shaped as a small figure. Perhaps you should put something there but you don't have anything yet.
Exit through the door to the left.

The Fifth Marker - The Weeping Woman

This is another marker on the map, The Weeping Woman.
Go to the left until you see an opening in the wall.
There could be something inside bur as soon as you try to walk towards it a steel gate falls down and closes the opening.
Maybe Bibo is light enough to cross without the gate closing.

Get off the stones until the gate is lifted. Talk to Bibo and tell him to enter the cave and look around.
Bibo obeys and takes automatically control.
Inside is a small statue.

Let Bibo walk behind the statue and push it towards the door.

Oh, when the statue leaves the small platform the gate falls down.

There must be something heavy at the platform to keep the door open.

Let Bibo get behind the stacked stones and push them. The stones falls onto the platform and the gate is raised.

Bibo can push the statue through the door.

Take the statue.

Exit to the right. Look at the hole in the wall. It has the same form as the statue.
Use the statue on the hole.
Things begin to happen.
The skull closes its mouth and the water stops running.

The Sixtht Market - The Dragons Head

Exit to the left to the Weeping Woman. But she is no longer weeping.
Some stairs are leading up to her eye.
Climb up.
You have come to the Dragons Head.
Altivo is there waiting for you.

Altivo starts walking away and Tulio and Miguel follow the best they can.
Suddenly a twig breaks and all three are falling down the precipice. 

The Seventh Marker - The Road to Eldorado

They fall to the ground but when they look up they see the last marker on the map, the Entrance to El Dorado.

Bibo looks frightened, what is happening? Suddenly they are surrounded and captured.

They are led to a cave opening. Inside they can see water.

The journey is continued by boat and now they can study their fellow-captive a sweet girl named Chel.

Soon they are in El Dorado, the Golden City.

They are treated as Gods and are getting anything they have ever wanted.


Till föregående sida.Till nästa sida.

The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game The Road to El Dorado from Revolution Software Ltd
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.