In El Dorado

The Stone Jaguar is released

Everything was absolutely perfect until the evil Tzekel Kahn got the idea to release the Stone Jaguar.


The Jaguar wildly starts to chase everything and our heroes and Chel run and mount Altivo to get away.

Altivo runs fast but the Stone Jaguar is at his heels.

Altivo gets mad and kicks at his eyes, partly blinding him. The Jaguar gets even madder and Altivo throws his passengers and runs away.

Chel can get away too and the jaguar concentrates on our Heroes.
They jump over a high fence and through a narrow passage in a stone wall.

The Bridge of Doom

The jaguar is fighting to get through but our heroes are saved for the moment.
In front of them is bridge they have to pass. It looks easy.

But when they try to pass the bridge is lowered and they are told to give tribute to four big towers to be allowed to pass.
Make Tulio place himself as shown at the picture. The lower right tower is lit.

Let Miguel go to the tower. It has big glowing ears and wants a present to please them.
Let Miguel use the flute. To avoid hearing it the Ear-Tower raises one of the bridges.

Then make Miguel put himself as shown at the right picture. The upper left tower is lit.
This tower has big glowing eyes. It wants something to please his eyes.

Tulio hasn't got anything but on the other side of the newly raised bridge something is glowing.
Let Tulio go there and get it. It is a shiny plate.
Let Tulio give it to the Eye-Tower and a second part of the bridge is raised.

Make Tulio go to the place shown at the left picture. The lower left tower is lit.
Let Miguel go to the tower. It has a big glowing nose. It wants a smelling present.
Make Miguel give him the sock.
The Nose-Tower is pleased and raises the third part of the bridge.

Then make Miguel place himself as shown at the left picture. The tower in the upper right corner is lit.
Let Tulio go there. Press Ctrl to make him jump over the chasm.

This tower has a big glowing mouth. Let Tulio give him the biscuit.
The forth and last part of the bridge is raised.
Make Tulio pass the bridge and Miguel will follow.

The Lava Sea

But the passage is not free. A sea of lava is blocking the way. 
Anyone of the two can start jumping on the floating islands. Here Miguel has started. Make him look at the island he wants to jump to, then press Ctrl.

When Miguel is over at the other side let him pull the lever at the wall and open a door.

Now Tulio takes control. Make him jump the islands. When he is at the other side let him enter the door that Miguel has opened, and enter.

Make Tulio pull the lever inside.
Another door opens and Miguel comes out.

Climb the ladder.

The spiders

Save the game. You have to meet five poisonous spiders. If one of them bites you, the game starts again before the first spider. It is important that you save the game each time you have defeated a spider. You can hear a tune when a spider is defeated. Take the opportunity to save the game then.

Let Tulio go to the platform and pull the lever when the spider has gone to the right part. The middle section is lowered and the first spider is isolated.
Walk Tulio to the lowered platform when the spider is gone.
Miguel takes control and pulls the lever to raise the platform with Tulio.
Let Tulio take control.

Walk Tulio to the left and let him pick a fruit from the flower. Let him pull the lever when the spider is at the right part. The platform is lowered and the second spider is trapped.
Let Miguel take control, lower the platform whewre hi is and put himself onto it.
Let Tulio pull the lever at his place. Miguel goes up. Let him join Tulio.

Put Tulio on the platform.
Make Miguel pull the lever.and raise the platform with Tulio.
Let Tulio climb the ladder to the upper level.
Let Miguel lower the platform and walk onto it.
Let Tulio regain control.

Pull the lever to raise the platform upstairs.
Now you have to be very quick.
Run upstairs and into the niche. When the floor gets active choose the fruit and press control to put it on the floor.
Then quickly run down and when the spider is at the fruit pull the lever again to crush the spider. The third spider is defeated.

Walk upstairs again and pull the lever to raise the platform with Miguel.
Let Miguel take control and join Tulio.

Let both in turn walk to the right and down the stairs.
Anyone can then take control, here it happens to be Tulio.
Pull the lever to raise the platform. Pull once again when the spider has crawled onto the raised part. The platform is lowered and the forth spider crawls into his hole.
Raise the platform and walk up upstairs.

Let Miguel take control, walk to the lever and pull it to raise the platform.
Let him pull the lever again and lower the platform when the spider has crawled onto it.
Let Tulio walk onto the lowered platform upstairs.
Let Miguel pull the lever and raise the platform when the spider is to the left.
Let Tulio walk off the platform to the lever.
Let Miguel pull the lever again and go upstairs and onto the lowered platform.
Let Tulio pull the lever and raise the platform. Miguel gets up and they are together again. The fifth spider is defeated.
Let the one who has control walk to the entrance and the other will followed.

Now they have to run for their lives. Both Tzekel Kahn and the Jaguar are waiting for them chasing them to the edge of the roof.
Tulio and Miguel fall, but grab some hanging plants and can escape.

Their pursuers are not that lucky. Both fall into the whirlpool and are gone for good.

Now everything could have been perfect but Cortes got the idea to invade El Dorado. Our Heroes must try to stop him. Tulio has got a plan. They shall flood the entrance to the city. To do this they are taken to the Water Temple.

The Water Temple

Unfortunately nobody knows how to turn on the water. Only Tzekel Kahn knew that. They must try to solve this on their own. They part. Miguel exits to the right and Tulio gets control.

Examine all the rooms. Exit through the portal on the back wall.

On the floor is a big trapdoor that can be opened and closed with a lever to the left at the back wall. Go there and try it.

In the next room is a water gate, but it can't be moved.
There is also a big portal but you can't go there.
Exit to the left.
In the next room are two doors. To enter the one on the back wall you must have a Sun Gem.
To pass through the door at the right wall you must have "The Evil Eye".

To the right of the Sun Gem door is a contraption with cogs but some of them are missing.

To the left of the contraption here is a Jaguar pump.

Return to the entrance hall and exit through the right portal.
In the next room is another water gate. To the left you find a cog lying on a cloth. Pick it up.

Enter the next room to the right.

In between the two doors you find the second cog. Pick it up

The third one can be found under the mosaic in the room to the left. Take it.

Return to the contraption with the cogs in the room with the sun gem door.
Use the cogs with the contraption one at the time.
When the last cog is placed something golden comes falling down. It is a sun gem.
Now you can enter the closed door. Inside is a stone jaguar.
Look at the grate. Behind it is a lever. Pull it. The stone jaguar comes to life.

Miguel, who is in the room with the water gate to the right of the entrance hall gets control. Look at the water gate. Use the sword to open it.

Enter the next room. Its the room with the second trapdoor. On the wall is a golden face with a blue gem eye. Look at it. Then use the sword to pry the gem loose and take it.

Go to the room with the evil eye door.
As you now have the game the door opens. Enter.
Inside is another water gate. Use the sword to open it.
Enter the portal. There is a stone jaguar and a third water gate. Use the sword to open it. The stone jaguar comes to life.

The monsters in the Water Tempel

You must lure the monster to walk on a trapdoor and then quickly pull the lever to make the monster fall into the trap.

Tulio has to try first.
Run out of the room as quickly as possible (press z) and try to go to the room with the trapdoor at the right side of the entrance hall.
Stand beside the lever to make it pulse and as soon as the monster goes out on the trapdoor, press Ctrl to open the door and trap the monster. You must act quickly to prevent him from crossing the floor.
If you fail just go back to the "Sun-gem" room and start all over again.

When Tulio has trapped his monster, Miguel takes control and has to try to trap his. .
If you fail ago back to the "Evil-eye" room and start again.

You can choose any of the two trapdoor rooms to trap the monster. Usually it's easiest to use the room to the right of the entrance.

When you have caught the monster you must return to the "Evil-eye" room and use your sword to open the water gate.

Leave the room and you'll meet Tulio in the next room.

Let Miguel enter the Sun-gem room and pull the lever behind the grate, which is now open.

Water comes streaming out of the jaguar pump..

Go through the rooms to the entrance. Everywhere the pools are filled with water.

Outside the boy is still waiting.

So is the long ending cut-scene.

Tulio has loaded a boat with gold and together with Chel he is on his way to start the journey back to Spain.

Miguel has decided to stay in El Dorado and is waving farewell . Then he sees that the big tower at the port is falling and that Tulio's sail has stuck and he can't get away.

Miguel throws himself on Altivo and rides towards the boat. He flies through the air and is able to unroll the sail.

But it is too late. The big wave, from the tower falling into the sea, turns the boat over and all the gold goes overboard. So do all the others and they have to swim to get ashore.


Pity for the gold. But money isn't everything in this world. There are things as a raft and a wonderful sunshine.

As long as it lasts.

And that is the end of the story.

Till föregående sida.Till nästa sida.

The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game The Road to El Dorado from Revolution Software Ltd
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.