2 - Onboard the Ship

In the evening the ship starts on its journey to the New Land.
At night, Tulio and Miguel, very happy, climb out from the barrels to find another hiding place.

But their happiness doesn't last long. They are spotted by the guards and thrown into the cargo hold.

Tulio has control.
There is an apple on the floor. Take it.

Go to the center beam and press Ctrl to climb it.
When the inventory is opened choose the apple and press Ctrl. Tulio throws the apple to Altivo.

Tulio wants Altivo to throw down some keys. Instead he throws a boat hook at Miguel, who passes out.
On the right wall you can see a rolled up rope-ladder. Look at it. Use the boat hook and Tulio pulls the ladder down.

Climb the ladder. Up there is a narrow platform. Look at the handles above leading to the other side. Press Ctrl and Tulio makes his way to the other side.

Look at the locks in the door. You need two keys to unlock them.
Climb back to the other side and look at the door there.

In there is a sailor and his monkey fast asleep. Above the monkey you can see five different colored keys. Maybe you can make the monkey give you the keys.
Take the biscuits at the table inside. The sailor stirs in his sleep and talks about Josephine. That must be the name of the monkey.


Talk to the Monkey. In the inventory choose the biscuits and press Ctrl. Then choose the key you want and press Ctrl. The monkey will give you the key.
Do the same thing once again to get another key. Don't take more than two keys at once else the monkey screeches and wakes the sailor.
When you have two keys go to the other side and try them in the locks. If anyone fits leave it in the lock. Remember the colors on the false keys. Return to the monkey. First give her back the false keys then ask for new ones and try them in the lock.
Continue like this until you have found both keys. Unlock the door and enter.

You'll enter the canon room. A sailor is polishing a cannon. It doesn't matter whatever Tulio does, he is caught and thrown back into the cargo hold. He hits his head and passes out.
Miguel gets control. The ladder has coiled up again and Miguel can't reach it.

Let Miguel look at the ladder and then talk to Tulio, who has wakened and now is hitting his head at the wall. Talk until Tulio jumps up and uncoils the ladder. Then he passes out again.
Make Miguel climb the ladder and go to the canon room.

Inside he realizes he must have some sort of disguise to fool the sailor.
Let Miguel slowly creep ( hold down the x-key) to the first canon. There you find a red bandanna. When it starts to pulse let go of the x-key and quickly press Ctrl.
Miguel ties the bandanna on his head just like the other sailor.

When the sailor sees Miguel he gives him a pair of socks and tells him to start polish the canon. After a him he offers him biscuits and rum.
Take the biscuits on the floor. The sailor tells Miguel that he is afraid of rats.

Look at the door at the back. It is locked. The sailor tells Miguel that the only way to get out is to blow a hole with a canon.
This gives Miguel an idea. He will catch a rat to frighten the sailor and then try to fire a canon.
make Miguel go down and look at the grate to the right. This could be made into a rat-trap.
press Ctrl to make Miguel open the grate but it won't stay open.

Just for fun Miguel calls Altivo and asks him to throw down a boat hook. He is very surprised when a boat hook is coming down from above.

Look at the grate again and use the boat hook. Miguel arranges the trap.
Put the biscuits in the trap. Immediately a rat comes running and Miguel traps it.
Use the sock to get the rat out.


Let Miguel return to the canon room and show the rat to the sailor. He is so frightened that he passes out.
Use the sock with the oilcan to get a sock soaked in oil.

Look at the lamp and use the sock soaked in oil.
It lights up and Miguel can use it to fire the canon.
This results in a great bang and a hole in the boat side.

The band wakes Tulio who comes to the canon room. As soon as he sees the hole he realizes this is the way to freedom.
Let Miguel go trough the hole.

Miguel refuses to climb the boat side up to the deck. In stead he makes Tulio do this.
Tulio must now help Miguel to get to the deck. Look at the ring at the boat side. It looks strong, but you also need a rope.

Make Tulio go to Altivo and talk to him,

He unties Altivo and takes the rope.
Use the rope on the ring. Miguel climbs the rope. 

Now you must get the lifeboat down. Make Tulio try the wheel. He can't but asks Miguel to do that. Miguel is strong and the boat comes down.

But the boat falls at the rocking-board and not into the sea.
Instead both the hay-bales are thrown into the sea.
Let Miguel take an apple and give it to Altivo.

This gives Tulio an idea. He takes an apple and puts it on the rocking-board.
Altivo sees the apple and steps on the board.
The boat is thrown into the sea.

Tulio and Miguel jumps into the boat and try to lower it.
Tulio throws an apple to Altivo but misses and the apple rolls into the sea.
Altivo spots the apple. He can't resist it and jumps into the sea.

Now chaos reigns over and under the water until all three of them has succeeded in getting into the lifeboat.

Till föregående sida.Till nästa sida.

The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game The Road to El Dorado from Revolution Software Ltd
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.