Our Heroes

The action takes place in the Golden Age in the sixteenth century just at the time when Cortez, the great and feared man always looking for gold and glory, is about to start his journey to South America.

Our heroes, Tulio and Miguel , are a couple of rather charming petty-thieves, wanted by the police for lesser crimes. They are stone broke and are looking for some money so they can leave town, but every minute they have to beware of the police and the authority.

You lead them through the game, one at the time, but you can change between them when it is useful, by choosing the other person in the inventory.

Ancient tales tells about a city of pure gold, El Dorado in South America. This is a place that both Cortez and our two heroes want to find.

When the game starts you find them at an open place in front of the entrance to the town.

Controlling the game

The game is totally keyboard controlled, the mouse is not used.
You walk around with the arrow-keys.
The Up-key takes the player forward in his own direction, the down-key takes him backwards.
He turns left with the left-arrow and right with the right-arrow.
If you at the same time press the z-key you make him run.
With the x-key you make him crouch.
If you press the left shift-key you can make him sidestep.

You open the Inventory with the Enter-key,
The Ctrl-key is used to interact with things or people.
If something pulses when the player looks at it he can interact with it.

1 - In Spain

Outside the town wall

When the game starts, Tulio and Miguel are looking at a poster where they can see that they are wanted by the police.
When the poster starts to pulse, press the Ctrl-key and Tulio will tear the poster down.
Press Enter to show the Inventory in the lower left corner of the screen. You can only see one item at the time. Use the left and right arrows to see all items. For now there is only the poster and one Peseta.
Put Tulio in front of Miguel to make him start to pulse. Then press Ctrl to talk to him. Do this often. He might give you some good advice.
They both realize they have to leave town. They can see a guard in the door to the left. If he spots them they will go into jail. 

Walk around looking for another way out. There is a door leading to the port area but it is guarded too.
Talk to the guard. You'll learn that Cortes' ship is ready to leave this night for a trip to the New Land in west.
That would be a perfect way to get out of here. The guard tells you that the crew is handpicked and crooks like them wouldn't stand a chance to get a job. And it costs a lot of money to get into the port. 20 pesetas for a man but women go for free. How could they ever rise that much money?

Look around the marketplace. You'll find a corn-seller and a chicken-seller. Talk to them. A bag of corn costs 1 peseta and a chicken costs 20 pesetas.

To the right of the corn-seller is an open door. Enter. It is a tavern. A man is sitting at the table. He invites you to a game of dice. To participate you have to pay 5 pesetas. As you only have one peseta, you can't play..

Behind the corn-seller they can see a chicken running around. Go there and look at it. Tulio gets the idea to catch the chicken and sell it to the chicken-seller. But you must have something that would entice the chicken.
Go to the corn-seller. Talk to his. When he tells you that a bag of corn costs 1 peseta, press enter and choose the peseta. Then press Ctrl, and Tulio gets a bag of corn.
Go to the chicken. Look at it to make it pulse. Then press Enter, choose the bag of corn and press Ctrl. Tulio gives the corn to the chicken and catches it.
Go to the chicken-seller. Give him the chicken. He will pay you 5 pesetas.

Now you can go to the tavern and play a game of dice. You must look at the man to make him pulse before you can offer him your five pesetas.
The rules are simple. The one who begins throws the dices and then he decides if his next throw will be higher or lower than the first one. He also wagers 1 to 4 pesetas.
The man at the table begins. When it is Tulio's time the dices are thrown automatically. Then you have to decide whether the next throw will be higher or lower by choosing it at the lower left of the screen and pressing Enter. After that you have to choose how many pesetas you will bet. After that the dices are thrown and the winner is chosen.
It all ends by somebody getting broke. The man then wagers an old map of El Dorado, the Golden City. Tulio hesitates but Miguel is enthusiastic. Tulio agrees and wins the map but the man gets all the money.

In between a man has come to the guard in the doorway and told him that the crooks Tulio and Miguel are in town. The guard leaves his post and follows the man into town. Now the passage is free.

Inside the Town

Enter the town and continue forward to the plaza. There you meet the bullfighter Malezo who tells you that he has defeated the enormous bull El Diablo.

Continue to the left. There you find Pablo standing guard. Miguel warns you and makes you run away.

Go back to the Town entrance. Take the white stairs to the left and enter the door.
There you'll find two doors. Start by entering the left one.

You'll exit into Via Alfredo. There you'll find a man guarding a big double-door. He tells you that the terrible bull El Diablo is behind these doors.
Exit through the door and, this time, enter through the right door.

A small boy is guarding the door. He won't let you pass and if you try to, he shoots you with his slingshot. It hurts.
Look at the barrel to the left. Tulio gets an idea. You might use a barrel as a shelter to avoid getting hurt by the stones.
Miguel has to jump into the barrel. Now you control Miguel with the arrow-keys.

Make Miguel go towards the boy. He runs away and looses his slingshot. Now you control Tulio. Let him take the slingshot.
Exit through the door. You'll come out on the ramparts.
In between Pablo is called away to guard the port-area.
Follow the ramparts and exit through the right door.

You'll come to the place where Pablo was standing guard before.
Look at the gate. Tulio gets a new idea. He sees a dress hanging there and remembers that women can pass free into the port area. But he can't pass the gate. Maybe he could get the bull El Diablo break it down.
Go and talk to the man who is guarding the bull. He doesn't think much of the Great Malezo.
You can't enter the door to the bull, the only way to get him out is to persuade Malezo to fight him again.

Return to the plaza and talk to Malezo. When he hears that the bull is safely locked in he goes there. Follow him.
The man who guards the bull gets into an argument with Malezo. In the end he gets very angry and leaves.

Keep talking to Malezo until he agrees to tell his story. When he has started go to the gate and open it.

There stands the feared bull.
El Diablo chases Malezo back to the plaza where Malezo tries to hide in the fountain.
Follow them there. Make Tulio go as close as possible to the bull. Then use the slingshot with the bull.
The bull gets mad and starts to chase Tulio who has to run away.

Return to the gate where you found the dress. You have to take the tower way as you cant take the nearest way because of the bull.
Let Tulio look at the gate to get an idea. It is said that El Diablo never forgets a face. While the gate is pulsing press enter, choose the poster and press Ctrl. Tulio will place the poster at the gate.
The bull comes rushing in towards the gate and breaks it down. He falls exhausted to the ground. The dress also has fallen down. Take the dress.

The boy and his father enter, accusing our heroes for having stolen the boy's slingshot. Miguel is taking charge and his diplomacy makes everything end pleasantly.
Exit to the marketplace. When you are there Tulio decides to change himself into a woman.
Talk to both sellers to see if the disguise is good..

Afterwards go to the door to the port-area.
Tulio talks to the guard. When he tells Miguel to sneak in the control passes to Miguel.
Hold down x while you let Miguel slowly creep forward and exit through the door to the port-area.
When Miguel has got through the control goes to Tulio. Let him follow Miguel through the door.

At the Port Area

In the port-area Tulio gives the map to Miguel.
Now you change control between Tulio and Miguel by pressing Enter, choose the other person in Inventory and press Ctrl.
Let Miguel take control.
Look at the wooden contraption in front of the donkey who is tied to the conveyor belt.
The idea is to use the conveyor belt to get to the ship but first they have to make the donkey start moving..

Go towards the wall behind the donkey. There you can see a barrel with carrots. They would be usable to make the donkey start moving. You cannot just take the carrots because of the guards. Look at them, They are turning in a certain pattern.
Look at the barrel and Miguel gets into it.
Let him go forward but only when the guards turn there back to him. Stop as soon as you see a guard starting to turn towards Miguel.
When Miguel is near the barrel it starts to pulse. Just press Ctrl and Miguel takes a carrot.
Now you must get him back the same way. Be careful.

When you return to the donkey Miguel will come out from the barrel. Let him look at the contraption. When he tells about his idea, press enter, choose the carrot and press Ctrl. Miguel will tie the carrot to the string. The donkey moves forward and the conveyor-belt starts.
Climb the stairs to the conveyor-belt.

You can see two guards at the roof. You can't take the belt without a disguise else the guards will see you.
Look carefully how the belt is going. The last strip goes in the wrong direction. There must be a way to alter that.
Go down again and go forward to the wall.
There is a sign but it just says danger.  

On the right wall there is a lever. Pull it. The last bit of the conveyor-belt changes direction.
Go up the stairs again. Look at the barrel and press Ctrl to jump into it. The barrel with Miguel is transported all the way to the ship

Now it is Tulio's turn to do exactly the same thing. Go up, look at the barrel press control and start the journey.
The barrels are taken to the ship in a sling.

Väl på däck kommer några karlar och bär ned dem i lastrummet.

Till föregående sida.Till nästa sida.

The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game The Road to El Dorado from Revolution Software Ltd
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.