Year 4

3 - Manny meets Sal again and visits a Casino.

Luckily it is not Hectors men but Salvador's and you are taken to his headquarters.
Just when you have arrived one of Sal's men is rushing in. He has been sprouted and is being overgrown. Sal takes an axe and cuts the attacked limbs away.
The man tells Sal that Hector has set a trap for an other agent.

One of Sal's agents has put a video-camera in Bowlsley's workshop. Now they can see at the screen how Hector finds the agent and sprouts him. They also see Hector threatening Bowlsley.
Sal realizes that he must take command himself. Olivia sees her chance and asks permission to follow him. Sal falls for her and they leave together.

Without legs and with only one arm the little man jumps out on his one arm to continue working for the guerilla. One arm is left among the flowers. Go there and take it.
Before Sal went out he threw something in the waste basket. Go there and pick it up, it's a photo.

Get the letter from Hector.

Go to the pigeon and tie the letter to the pigeons foot.

Then get the photo you just found,
Show it to the pigeon. It now understands where to fly.
It flies to Bowlsley, the flower-handler.

The moment it arrives, Hectors ugly bird comes too. He devours the pigeon. You can see the feathers sticking out of his mouth. He can't swallow the letter, though, it has stuck in his mouth.

Bowlsley, who has recognized Hector's bird things he has got a message from Hector.
He is terrified and rushes out to hide.

Only Manny, Meche and Eva remain at the HQ. Talk to Eva. There are no messages for you.
Talk to Meche. Tell her you are going to get yourself a disguise and a gun.
Meche promises to find Hector. Eva volunteer that Hector has his tower just above the HQ.
Exit the room and continue to the bottom of the screen.

Out there Glottis is playing with the Bone-Wagon using the remote-control.
You automatically takes it away from him.
Climb the ladder to the left.
In the next room climb the ladder at the far away part of the room.

You come to a room where two masked men are talking. Eavesdrop for a little while. Then turn and take the coffeepot at the stand.
To the left of the men there is a ladder. Go there and climb it.
Go to the edge where you can see the men and pour the coffee over them.

Go down the ladder and put the pot back at the rack. Then climb the ladder again.
Go to the big device. It is a snow-grinder but the grinder seems to be handheld. Look at the loose grinder then take it.

Climb down and enter the door down to the right.

When you come out you have got a nice mask.

Go through the window and climb the stairs down to the next room.

To the right is a door leading to the Casino.
Enter. Continue to the left past the toilet and enter the Slot-room.

Talk to the man in the trench coat.
It is Sal's little agent with only one arm and no legs. Talk to him again.
He tells you he can fix any machine and get money out of it.
Talk to Meche. She doesn't recognize you. Talk to her again. She needs help

Help her to put a sheet over Charley.
Then quickly go to the little agent and talk to him. You tell him that, on Sal's order, he shall fix the machine, Charlie is playing, and leave the money. He crawls into the machine and fixes it.

When Charley has freed himself from the sheet he thinks his system is perfect.
Meche has told him that they shall visit another place, where you have to wear a toga to be allowed to play. She tells you to get Charlie's clothes as soon as he has undressed.
Together you leave for the corridor. Charlie enters the toilet to change.

When Charlie comes out Meche leaves with him.

Enter the toilet.

After a little while you come out dressed in Charlie's suit.

Now you have got a disguise only the gun remains.

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