Year 4

4 - Manny gets a sprouter and finds the tickets.

Go down to Glottis and walk to the dark upper right part of the screen. On the next screen walk toward the dark opening somewhere in the middle. Get the grinder with the arm in it. Use it and enter the cave. The grinder makes some light and Glottis follows in the Bone-Wagon.

Suddenly you are stopped by a Dragon Monster. Drive forward as far as possible. Get the Remote Control and rise the wagon. Put the control back and press Enter to climb the ledge. Continue to walk forward.

Climb halfway down the ladder. When the dragon turns his head against you, climb up, get your Remote Control and use it to lower the Bone-Wagon and trap the Monster.
Climb down the ladder and walk to the shop. Open the door and enter.
Bowlsley doesn't want to talk to you

Look above the door. There is a ball of tape around the bell. Get your scythe and use it on the tape. The bell works again and Bowlsley will serve you.
He'll sell you a sprouter and some Sproutella ammunition.

Return to the Casino and talk to the guard at the lift. If you are masked and wear the green costume and have a gun the guard will give you a question about Hector.
Just before he asks the question you get a glimpse of the Keno Board. Remember the numbers written there.

After the question is asked you get a lot of numbers to choose as answer and you can see the Keno Board again. Look for a new number on the board. (This time it was 13, it varies all the time.)
Be quick to choose this number among the answers before a new number is shown on the board.
If you fail you'll get a new question. If you have difficulties continue until a new series of numbers is started, then it will be easier.

If you give the correct answer you are allowed to enter the lift and go up.

There you meet Celso and his wife. They have got an offer from Hector but think it is too expensive. Talk to them until you persuade them to accept the offer.

Hector is pleased and wants to hire you at the spot.

He takes you to your old office.

He shows you the suitcase with tickets and offers you provision.
You dress in your old working clothes Hector gives you, tells Hector who you are and threatens him with your gun.

Unfortunately, Hectors ugly bird comes flying and distracts you. You sprouts the bird but during that time Hector manages to leave through the window and tries to swing himself to the next roof.

He fails, though. Only the suitcase is thrown to the other roof.

Hector himself falls between the houses. It doesn't hurt him. The only way here, to get rid of people permanently, is to sprout them and transform them into flowers.

Now you must get the next roof but first you have to make the sign's foot come a bit nearer to the other roof.

Climb the baluster and check that you are looking at the structural support.
Get the grinder and use it. Then get the can of Sproutella and use it too.

The support breaks and the sign falls. Her foot is now near the next roof and you ought to be able to jump there.

Return to the ladder and climb it.

You go to the foot and jumps to the other roof.

When you have the suitcase you show it to Meche.
Her own ticket jumps to her.
You have no ticket, Meche has to go alone. She walks reluctantly up the stairs towards the Ticket-Control.

There is Hector's ugly bird. It flies out and attacks Meche.
She is frightened and runs away. You take the suitcase and tries to follow her but she is gone.
Outside a car comes rushing in and picks you up.

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