Year 2

5-Terry is released and Manny and Glottis board the SS Lingo

Return through "High Rollers Lounge". Take the bridge under the Zeppelin and go to the Morgue.
Enter through the lower doors.

Membrillo has difficulties identifying to sprouted bodies.
Talk to him.

Get your metal detector and give it to Membrillo.
He starts examining the bodies. While he is searching one of them quickly drop Naranja's identity-tags on the other body.
Membrillo finds it and identifies the body as seaman Naranja.

He calls Velasco and tells him Naranja is sprouted.
Mission number two is accomplished.

Now you have follow up Lola's clue. The photo is from a cat-race. It leads you to "High Rollers Lounge".

Return there by way of the bridge under the Zeppelin.
In the hall with the betting window are two betting-counters. Talk to the men on duty. From one of them you learn that cat-hats are used Tuesdays only. From he other one you learn that you can see a photo from a race if you can show a betting stub from it.

You can see from the photo that it is race number 6 and that it is a Tuesday, because their wearing kitty-hats. But which week?
You remember having seen something about a week, at the display case with the big cat. Go check it. It says week number 2. Get your stub printer. Use the arrows and change the entries as shown at the picture to the right.

Then go to the upper key and press the up-arrow.
The stub is printed.
Go to the counter and give it to the man in duty.

He'll give you an envelope.
Look at it. At last you find Lola's photo. Put it away.

Now go the saloon with the golden cat and show the photo to Nick.
He goes to defend Terry.

When Terry is freed, he flies away and you are alone with Nick.
When he is trying to leave you knock him down as a good-bye.
Now only the tools for Glottis remains.

Go down to the striking Seabees.
They have left all their tools at the wall. Look at them and try to take them. They're too heavy. You realize that Glottis must get them himself.
But how can you make Glottis leave the bar. As long as he has credit he goes on drinking, and as long as he owns part of the Casino he gets credit.

Return to your Café and enter the Casino.
Police Chief Bogan himself is there gambling and he is winning all the time, Has he a bargain with the croupier? You must change that.

Climb the stairs to your room. Look at the pen on the desk. A secret panel is opened and you can follow the game below.
You are holding your finger on a magnet, pressing it changes the winning number.
When the rightmost of the three lights is glowing red, press Enter.
The winning number is changed to 14.

Everybody gets confused and Bogan accuses the croupier. Then he realizes Manny has had a finger in the game.
Bogan gets mad and has the Casino shut down.

Maximino gets a telephone call.
Glottis's credit is ended and he is thrown out of the bar.
Manny is waiting for him outside and together they go to the quay.

They say good-bye to Velasco and go onboard.

Ended all luxury. Now Manny is a simple deck-sweeper though in a white dinner-jacket.

This ends year 2

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company