Year 4

5 - The Grand Finale.

Olivia is driving.
Beside you in the back seat is Sal's head, the only thing left of him after Hector's attack.

Olivia evidently is no good friend. She wants only the one at the very top, and for the moment she thinks that one is Hector.
She turns you out near Hector's house.

Walk up the hill to the house.

Open the door and enter.
There Hector is sitting very peacefully with a flower counting "Loves me, loves me not".

When he sees you there is no more peace. He draws his gun and sprouts you. He has only weak ammunition, though. Bowlsley took the rest when he ran away.

You totter out and falls to the ground. Only a single flower has sprouted on your chest.

Get the Nitrogen and use it on the flower. It vanishes and you are OK.
Return to the car and talk to al's head. In the trunk of the car there is a gun and ammo. The key is on his body that Hector has buried at the back of the house. He also tells you he has an explosive capsule in his mouth.

Olivia gets suspicious and takes Sal's head. Sal bits the capsule and both he and Olivia are staring to sprout flowers. Olivia runs away, but Sal's head is left on the ground, totally overgrown with flowers

Go to the suitcase and open it. It is full of tickets.
One of the thickets evidently was meant for Sal. It flutters towards the flowers.

Pick up the ticket.

Climb the hill and walk slowly to and fro at the back of the house.
When you are at the right place the ticket will jump out of your hand and land at the ground.
You take your scythe and digs up the body.

Search the body and take the key.

Return to the car and open the trunk. Take the gun and ammo.
Then walk to the left, towards the big water tank.
Hector obviously leads the water from there to his sprinkler system in the house. This gives you an idea.

Get your Sprouter and shoot the water tank.

The Sproutella enters the system.

Up in the house it is sprinkled over Hector and flowers start to grow everywhere.

Return to the house uphill and open the door.
The house is so filled with flowers that it explodes. Good-bye Hector.
You drop your pistol and walks away.

In the next scene Manny, Meche, Glottis and all the others that Manny has saved at the train to the final station.

Manny has tickets for them all.
Glottis don't want to come, though. He has got a new job and is happy to stay.
He gives Manny a big hug.

They all enter the train and Manny and Meche waves farewell from the compartment window.

Glottis and the mechanics are waving farewell.
Meche draws the curtain to get a little privacy.

The train leaves into thin air and the orchestra goes on playing.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company