Year 4

1 - Domino goes to Hell and Glottis gets a Rocket-Car.

After a long and difficult walk through the snow, Manny, Meche, Glottis, the kids and all the workers from the edge of the world arrive at the end of the luxury line and the entrance to the Ninth Underworld.

At the station a guard asks them for their tickets.
Glottis gets dizzy and falls from the terrace. Manny runs after him down the stairs but can't see Glottis anywhere.

Go down to the door at the right.

There you find Glottis totally exhausted. Talk to him and to the blue mecanics. You learn that Glottis must drive a very fast vehicle to survive.

Glottis comes through and sees the gondola.

He makes a drawing at the wall. It looks like a blueprint of some sort of Rocket Car.
The mechanics at once start building the car.

Exit the room and go all way down on the stairs at the right.

There is a coffin down there. Open it. Out pops Bruno, your last client.
He is not very pleased with you. You could at least have given him a serial instead of the old mug. He throws the mug at you. Put it down.

Climb the stairs and talk to the guard. Everybody has gone. The guard thinks they have all sold their tickets. Manny tells him about Dom and Hector stealing the tickets and selling them to others.

At this moment the luxury train is seen coming.

Domino is on board and is just having a drink. But nobody can avoid his destiny.

Before the train arrives the signal is changed and now it shows the way to Hell.

The whole train changes and is led to a sidetrack. It falls from the track and vanishes into a flaming hole.

Turn around and walk towards the stairs. The guard then tosses a letter to you. Read it. It is a threathening letter from Hector LeMans.

Go down to Glottis and talk to the mecanichs.

They don't know how to get fuel to the Rocket-Car.

Go down the stairs to the right and enter the kitchen.

Check that you are looking at the mug rack. Get your mug and put it there.

Look down and open the drawer. Take a rag.

Exit the kitchen and go to the red barrel with an oil-can on top.
Use the rag on the oil-can.

Return to the kitchen and put the rag in the toaster.

It starts a fire and a mechanic comes running and extinguishes the fire.

At that moment the cup gets crazy and starts roaming around like a rocket.

The mechanics realize they have got their rocket fuel.
It doesn't take long before the Rocket-Car is ready to launch.

The rockets are fired and the car takes off.

Glottis looks healthy again.

Now they are going to El Marrow to find the stolen tickets.

In the gondola, Manny and Meche have difficulties keeping themselves at their feet.
But what is going on. Just when they are passing Rubicava, Glottis get scared and loses control. The vehicle falls down into the sea.

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