Year 3

5 - Manny opens a safe and fights a scythe duel with Dom.

Return to the crane and drive it to the opposite side. Exit the crane and climb down the chain. Jump off the belt.

Return to Meche's room and talk to her. Give her your sprouter, it's of no use to you without ammunition. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea. Meche has a bullet in her hat and now she threatens you with the gun.

She forces you into Dom's room and there she tries to force Dom to let you both free.

It fails. Dom takes both the sprouter and Meche out of the room.
He comes back telling you he has locked her up for the night.

Exit the room and walk towards the lift. When you pass something that looks like a huge safe door you hear Meche crying for help.

Look at the door. Get your Bust-All and use it on the door. A combination lock is revealed.

Look at the wheel and press enter to get a close-up.
You must get the four bolts to line up so that it is a gab between the bolts and door at the right side.
Start pushing the right-arrow, one push at the time until the uppermost bolt is turning.
Continue pushing, in steps and slowly, until the upper bolt is in the right position. You can never go back if you go to far.
Then start pushing the left-arrow in the same way until you have the second bolt in place.
Now push the right-arrow to place the third bold and at last the left-arrow to place the forth and last bolt in the correct position.

The bold should be placed as on the picture to the left. Look at them and Manny tells you if it is correct. Exit the close-up by pressing the down-arrow.
Get your scythe. Check that you are looking at the combination-lock and use the scythe on it. If Manny says "Stay" you know everything is correct.

Turn to the handle and press it.
The door is opened. Enter it.

No Meche.

Turn around and close the door.

Look above the door. You seem to have damaged some connections.
Get your scythe and use it above the door.

A secret door is opens. Meche comes out but goes back again.
Follow her. There is no way out.

Get your scythe and use it on the sprinkler system above.
Not a very good idea.

Go to the right wall and turn the wheel. That was better.
Go to the suitcases and look at them. Just like Charlie's suitcase they are filled with Number 9 tickets. But the tickets seem to be counterfeit.
You must find a way out. The water ran away, there must be a drain somewhere.

Return to the outer room and go to the bottom of the screen. Pick up the big axe.
Drag the axe into the inner room. You can only go backwards.

Place the axe as shown on the picture at the left. Then press Enter.

Manny throws the axe on the floor and opens the drain.

Enter the hole.

You come to the beach where Glottis and the two kids are waiting for you.

Glottis has put the two crushers on the ship's stern

The ship easily passes the reef and everything looks OK.

You are standing on the deck looking around.

Suddenly Domino appears in the Octopus Submarine.

You jump onto the submarine.

Domino draws his scythe and challenges you to fight.

Get you own scythe

Turn around and look at the Octopus's eye. Use your scythe on it.

The Octopus can't see and the submarine starts turning around.
It gets in the ship's way and Domino is caught by the crushers.

The crushes are dangerously near you but at the last moment the two kids come flying and save you.

Year three is happily ended.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company