Year 3

4 - Manny finds a ship and is taken hostage by Meche.

Go towards the lift then exit the screen to the right.

You come to a big conveyor belt.

Go to the lever and pull it to change the belt's moving direction.

Go forward to the belt and jump it.

Follow the belt downwards.

Where it ends you can see a big anchor.

Climb down the chain.

It is the sunken ship Lamada.
On the ship you meet Glottis.

He has survived and is working to repair the ship.
You realize you must try to rise the ship.

Crawl the belt upwards and continue climbing the left side of the belt until you come to the top.

Jump off and go to the left of the screen.

Climb the ladder and you are in the crane.

Press the left-arrow to move the crane to the opposite side as far as possible.

Press the down-arrow to lower the scoop.

You can see the scoop landing at the beach.

Go down using the left ramp.

Go to the scoop and use your new Bust-All to remove it from the chain.

Then go back up the ramp, climb the ladder and drive the crane to the opposite side where you were standing earlier.

Exit the crane and climb down the chain.

Jump off the belt. Pull the lever to change the belt's direction and make it draw the chain a bit upwards.
Then pull the lever once more . The chain moves downwards and is hooked to the anchor.
Climb back, first on the belt all the way up, then on the ladder and into the crane.
Rise the chain by pressing the up-arrow.

First Glottis surfaces, then the ship.

Glottis is worried. He doesn't think that can go through the reef.

You look up at the tower and get an idea

Climb back into the crane.

First lower the chain so that it hooks to the two big crushers at the ramp.
Then rise the chain and the crushers fall down to the beach.
Glottis is satisfied. Now he can fix the boat to make it pass the reef.

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